Fall 2013 Program @

Brier Creek in Raleigh

Oct 19 - Nov 16

Online Registration http://reclink.raleighnc.gov

Field Hockey Academy ages 6-10

This course is for children 10 and under who are beginners or have some experience.  Fundamental skills and rules will be taught and reinforced through drills, games, and scrimmages.  Participants are required to bring shin guards and mouth guard.  Other equipment is provided.


Field Hockey Academy ages 11-16 with optional parent participation (no added cost)

Program can accommodate beginner to intermediate skill levels, teaching and reinforcing fundamental skills of Field Hockey and rules. Course will include skill development training, athletic conditioning, games and scrimmages. Equipment provided. 

Designed to engage parents with field hockey background to train with their child for a more rapid development of skills, heightened motivation, and provide an outlet for adults with children who want to play! It is not required that a parent enrolls with a child, but we encourage parents with field hockey skills to participate.

Registration at Raleigh Parks & Rec:

RecLink http://reclink.raleighnc.gov, or by phone or in person at Community Centers

This is non-profit organization.  We believe that recreational sports should be community based and made accessible to all people, and that it should not be about making profits.  Course fees are set to cover equipment costs, field maintenance, and administrative costs.


Did you know that (Field) Hockey is the world's second most popular field sport?

So, where is it here in the Triangle to play in this recreational spirit, offered to a broad range of experience and age groups?

The optimal athletic training for youth is one that includes a variety of sports disciplines

With this at the heart of its approach to youth athletic development, American Kids Sports opens fresh, new athletic development opportunities in the Triangle with Triangle Field Hockey.

Certified and internationally experienced youth Field Hockey trainers

For boys and girls ages 6-14.  Internationally, Field Hockey is played by men and women, boys and girls.  It is a competitive sport in which both men and women compete at a high level internationally in the Olympics and other national and international competitions. 

are encouraging boys as well as girls to participate.  Field Hockey is often played competitively in the USA only by female athletes.  Your lead trainer has been coaching boys for 6 years and can attest to their great enjoyment of using the "one sided" hockey stick (the technical aspect is enticing) while running around like in soccer. 

Lacrosse players will find an natural affinity with Field Hockey.